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  • "The Purpose of Life is to Be Happy" Dalai Lama

November 20, 2012

Things that make me go "hmmm"

I like the smell of scotch tape, gasoline and sharpie markers

I wiggle my feet when I sleep

I have an odd habit of looking at the clock at exactly 10:24 – which also happens to be my birthday

I am totally at the mercy of any baby animal. I want to take them all home and love them and hug then and squeeze them forever.  It’s seriously sort of like a sickness. I should be banned from all pet stores.

I have too many allergies to take home baby animals to love and hug and squeeze

I hate the Vikings but one of my favorite colors is purple

My favorite cake is Red Velvet

I have a pet guinea pig I named after one of my favorite singers, Bono.

I hardly ever call my guinea pig by his real name; I usually call him Piggy Poo, which rhymes with the nickname I call my dog – Luxie Lou.

I don’t like talking to anyone before 7:50am.

I read magazines from back to front

Sundays are my least favorite day, Thursdays are my favorite

I drink massive amounts of coffee when I’m at work, but when I’m home on the weekends, I hardly drink any.

I can nap like a champion. If napping where an Olympic Sport, I’d win, hands down.

I have a strange fear of water. I don’t know how to swim and I’m always scared something is going to eat my toes when I’m in a lake/river/pond/puddle…

I can’t whistle

I was the president of Random Acts of Kindness in high school

If it were socially acceptable to wear sweatpants everywhere all the time, I would wear a pair I stole from my dad. They are so big they make me look like MC Hammer, but they are so comfy!

I’m glad it’s not socially acceptable to wear sweatpants everywhere

My favorite song is “Baby Got Back”. I can’t be in a bad mood when I hear it.

I prefer to shower in the evenings

My favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy

I have a crush on Jessica Simpson

If I could be a character in a novel, I’d be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.

I will require the man I end up with to have read the entire Harry Potter series

I don’t believe at love at first sight

I think Happily Ever After takes a lot of work, but is obtainable

Fall is my favorite season

I have an unhealthy obsession with the “Jeep” brand. I’ve owned 3, have a Jeep backpack and gym bag. It’s a Jeep thing.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the decorations

I believe in ghosts/spirits

I don’t believe in a “god”

I don’t like cats and I think “cat people” are sort of strange

I’m an introvert that runs a book club that now has over 300 members

I started reading Anna Karenina 6 years ago, and I still haven’t finished it

I will still buy almost anything that has the word “Hurley” on it. I’m a California girl at heart

I have a thing for guys with scruffy facial hair. Thank you Hollywood for making it a trend right now.

I can’t go into Target and not spend at least $30. I’ve tried, seriously.

My mom is my best friend and I talk to her on average twice a day

My brother is a ginger and proud of it

I’ve always wanted to run a 5K, but I hate running

I’m left handed but I can bat/play hockey/shoot right handed

If there ever were a real zombie apocalypse, I’d be one of the first dead. I’m pretty sure I’d have an asthma attack running away from zombies – maybe I should train for that 5K after all

When I made a list of things that made me happy, writing lists was on my list







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