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January 18, 2012

Grow Up!

It’s starting to get to me, the angst ridden facebook posts, the bad mouthing behind one anothers backs, the desire to create unnecessary drama. I know most of you reading this are in your mid to late twenties if not older, so I feel that this is an appropriate audience to voice this issue. Where do we draw the line on adolescent behavior and start expecting more from women? 

I’m 29 now and it shocks me on a daily basis how immature women my age act and I think social media has a great deal to do with this situation. Facebook and Twitter are now giant billboards on which we can write how we’ve been wronged, post snarky remarks about individuals and add nasty comments to other people’s words. Perhaps it’s been that these adolescent women have not had a channel in which to display their immaturity. Well, it’s here, and it’s ridiculous! 

For ages women have been looked down upon as the inferior sex. It seems we have constantly had to prove ourselves. Incredibly, it was less than 100 years ago that women weren’t allowed to vote. Since then, we’ve fought to vote, we’ve taken over corporations; we’ve become working mothers and independent home owners. We’ve done all this to prove that we are strong, smart, self-sufficient people. Why are we personally sabotaging this image? Or is that what it really is, just an image? Perhaps these women are not strong and independent. Perhaps they are just simple, catty and materialistic. 

Personally, I don’t care if you boyfriend didn’t get you a ring for Christmas; I don’t care about how many tequila shots you had last night, I don’t care about the tormented song lyrics that “just get you”.  Social media is not your therapist. You cannot gain real life perspective by putting up short paragraphs about your drama filled life on a website.  Drama is created and festers if not dealt with, and you can’t deal with your problems on a webpage. 

Women need to slow down their hectic lives and to learn how to reconnect with actual individuals, face to face. We need to learn how to stand up for ourselves and stop hiding behind the keyboard, for when you tackle something head on, you see results. Beat around the bush and hype it up on your facebook page and you’re only going to create a bigger mess. 

So, angsty-drama filled-immature women, please wake up. It’s time to put away your prom dress and pull up your big girl pants. This is the real world, where real people exist. Try living in it. I guarantee you’ll get more satisfactory results than the responses to that “cryptic” facebook status you think no one will understand.