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January 28, 2013

Haaaave You Met Jacqueline?

I’m trying (very, very hard) to put myself in better spirits. Instead of my “Grace Potter” Pandora station (which by the way, is amazing) today at work I listened to a more lively Trampled By Turtles Pandora station. It also didn’t hurt starting the day with donuts  (and Dairy Queen I later found out ) my boss brought in. A yummy donut and fresh coffee, what more could a girl ask for on a Monday!?

But now I’m here in bed and it’s 10:24 at night and I can’t sleep. I’m restless and anxious. I always feel so much better after I write. I’m like a writing bulimic. I binge on bad feelings all day and then purge them onto a computer screen after I’m done. Normally I have no problem spilling out what I’m feeling or thinking of a topic that I can relate to. For some reason, today is just not one of those days. So I had a conundrum, I need to write but don’t know what to write to make myself feel better…. Solution? A list!!

I love lists. I wish I could clearly delineate my life onto a piece of white ruled notebook paper. Since that seems a bit neurotic , I figured a smaller list with less of my neurosis visible would be a better option. So get your pens ready kids, it’s time to play “Haaaave you met Jacqueline?”

Prepare yourself, as the rest of this blog will consist of a completely self-indulgent quiz-type list of things about me.

Favorite Color: green
Favorite Food:   mashed potatoes and gravy

Favorite Season: autumn

Living Person I'd Most Like to Meet: Nelson Mandella

Dead Person I'd Most Like to Meet: William Shakespeare

Athlete's butt I'd Most Like to Touch: Aaron Rodgers

Musician I'd Most Like to Meet: Bono

Favorite Drink: Jameo and Ginger Ale

Person I'd Pay $50 to watch read a cereal box: Shemar Moore (side note, he'd have to have his shirt off while reading the box)

Cereal Box I'd Like to Watch Shemar Moore Read: Lucky Charms

Woman I Could Trade Places with For One Day: Beyonce

Woman's Body I'd Die For: Jessica Simpson circa Dukes of Hazard

What I Think My Best Feature Is: my eyes

What Other People Say my Best Feature Is: my smile

Currently Most Overused Phrase: "really?"

Most Bizarre Celebrity Crush: Anderson Cooper - not only because he's old enough to be my father but also because he's gay. Well - I guess he's only 45, so him being my father would be a stretch.

Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday

Place I'd Most Like To Visit: Ireland

Place I'd least like to visit: China

Favorite McDonalds Shake Flavor: tie between Shamrock and Eggnog

Person I Most Admire: my momma

College I Wish I'd Gone to: Peperdine

College I went to: UW- Superior

Dream Job: author or professional writer of some sort

Dream Car: Whatever the newest version of the Jeep is. Right now the 2013 Grand Cherokee. Black please.

Dream House Location: San Diego

Favorite Bar in Duluth: The Brewhouse (favorite beer there: Apricot Wheat)

Favorite Bar in the cities: The Lookout

Favorite way to de-stress: listen to music

Favorite Outdoor Activity: reading a book in the sun and/or camping

Favorite Show On MPR: This American Life (I heart Ira Glass)

Favorite Gift to Give: music

If I could go back in time I'd.... : give my dad one more big hug

If I could speed up time I'd... : fast forward to the beginning of my happily ever after

I have a soft spot for: all animals

I can't tolerate: ignorance

Pet Peeve: being late

Phobia: water (drowning)

Favorite way to sleep: with my dog in the room, completely dark, air purifier for noise

TV Show I'd Most Like to Be On: Dateline Murder Mystery - but only if I were murdered. Otherwise The Walking Dead. I think I'd make a good zombie

Can't get enough of: my guinea pigs

Have Had My Fill of:  anything involving the Gun Rights dispute

Kiss on the first date: nope

Favorite body part of the opposite sex: tie between shoulder and hands

Favorite body part on the same sex: legs - I wish I had Carrie Underwood's

Biggest Turn Off: clinginess

Biggest Turn On: sarcasm mixed with just a little bit of cockiness

Best First Date: involved trivia and a motorcycle gang

Worst First Date: involved references to breast feeding

Favorite thing to do at 11:21pm: finish this blog and snuggle with my puppy

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